Software Internship

We are looking for a new intern to join our team in Nepal. During the three months internship you will be learning various frameworks with the opportunity to apply for a junior software engineering position in the future. You’ll be part of our growing team and get to make a huge impact on the culture of our organisation. You’ll be seeing firsthand what it’s like to work on an exciting new product in an industry that has traction and users worldwide.

Experience level: 0 years
Role: Intern
Industry: Software, Mobile
Company size: 11-20 people
Company type: Private
Salary: Paid internship role
Office Location: Jwagal, Lalitpur


  • None


  • Bachelors degree in a technical field
  • Excellent communication skills

About Banba Group

We focus heavily on delivering value to our customers using Javascript, Ruby, Phoenix and many other languages in a proper Agile manner. Other places talk about work life balance but we really emphasise it – having our people happy is important to us.

Some of the technical things we offer:

  • Source control
  • One-step build
  • Daily builds
  • Bug database
  • Slack / Zoom / Pair coding software
  • Bugs fixed before writing new code
  • Up-to-date release schedule
  • Specs and thorough code coverage
  • Quiet working conditions
  • Code screening
  • Great equipment

Our standard package:

  • A great working environment
  • Monthly OKR reviews
  • Amazing work-life balance
  • Five working days per week (Mon-Fri)
  • Lunch facilities
  • The best parts of a startup environment

How to apply:

Send a CV and a cover letter at that includes:

  • Some information about what you’ve built recently and why you’re proud of it
  • Link to your GitHub/Bitbucket and/or some work you’ve done recently